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Hello everybody! I just updated our photo gallery with 786 high definition screen captures of Jon from last night’s mid-season premiere of “Mad Men.” What did y’all think? Leave a comment to share your thoughts on the episode. If you haven’t seen the preview for next week’s all new episode, you can watch it here. Enjoy browsing through the screen captures.

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Hello everybody! AMC posted the promo for the next all new episode of “Mad Men” earlier today. You can check out the 30-second preview below. Episode 9 airs Sunday, April 12th at 10/9c on AMC. Stay tuned for high definition screen captures of Jon from last night’s mid-season premiere.

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“Indie Wire” — When I walked into a substantial Four Seasons hotel room, the chosen site for all things “Mad Men,” the first thing I noticed was how small it felt. Despite the singular “room” having rooms, plural, the large space was made tiny by a broad table placed in its center. Soon, nine reporters would gather around it, with the common goal of grilling Jon Hamm into giving out some precious information on the final season of “Mad Men.”

But what was billed as a “roundtable” discussion became a claustrophobic press conference. Instead of functioning as a group effort, the ordeal became sporadically disjointed, jumping from topic to topic with reckless abandon and little commonality between individual causes. The optimistic goal of the cramped quartering was dead, and — as the fox says — chaos reigned.

Yet standing tall above the ruckus, wearing a finely-tailored gray suit — asking us permission to remove his jacket before beginning — was Hamm himself. With a quick wit, charming smile and energetic demeanor, the leading man of Matthew Weiner’s Emmy-winning series made his significant presence felt the second he walked in, singing a song of his own making.

“Round table, rouuund table,” Hamm pleasantly improvised as he strode confidently to his chair. “Potato chips and Diet Coke and tables and icebreakers.”

Despite the dark drama inherent to “Mad Men,” humor has always been a huge part of Hamm’s appeal. In case anyone had forgotten, the star showcased his comedic chops to full effect in our 20-minute conversation, drawing consistent laughs from the otherwise hushed crowd, trying to record Hamm’s every insight. Below are the highlights of that talk, preserved to accurately reflect not only the human being we all clamored to speak with, but why he was worth the fight in the first place.

“The Big Picture” of Season 7b
“Well, I’m not allowed to say anything, but I will.”

Secrecy and “Mad Men” go hand-in-hand, so it came as no surprise when Hamm made the above joke about preparing the audience for the final season.

“I think Matthew [Weiner] was very clear in saying he wanted what we’re calling [Season] 7a and 7b to be one, cohesive story. I think I can say with some degree of certainty — because I’ve read all of them and acted in them — that that’s true. When last we saw Don, he was watching Burt shuffle off his mortal coil. We ended with [the song] ‘The Best Things in Life are Free.’ Obviously, it was chosen for a reason. To say that to someone who makes his living in advertising is clearly meant to be a lesson. So in the big picture, we’ll see how that lesson is learned. If it is. That’s about as cryptic as I could make it.”

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Hello everybody! With the second half of the final season of “Mad Men” airing tomorrow night, I’ve been working hard to upload screen captures of Jon from the first half. You can now browse through 5,445 high definition screen captures of Jon from the first 7 episodes. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check back for more updates!

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“Entertainment Weekly — For seven indelible television seasons, Don Draper has been the personification of confidence and cool—a man who turns heads the moment he enters a room, the handsome face of a glamorous American age. Jon Hamm has done more than just wear Draper’s suits, deliver his winning arguments, and kiss Mad Men’s most beautiful women: He’s become an icon.

Yet Hamm’s pre-Mad Men career was more Dick Whitman than Don Draper. He was a frustrated Los Angeles actor, with a decade of solid but mostly unnoticed work under his belt, wondering whether success was ever really going to happen for him.

After arriving from St. Louis and crashing on the sofas of friends like Paul Rudd, one of Hamm’s first Hollywood acting jobs was on Ally McBeal, where he made an appearance as Gorgeous Guy in Bar in a 1997 episode. Winning that particular cameo relied mostly on his skin-deep resemblance to the character. “I was literally pulled out with four other guys in a line on the lot,” says Hamm. “The director walked down and was like, ‘Iiiiiii don’t know… You.’ And I went, ‘Me?’ He says, ‘You stand over there, and they’re going to look at you and they’re going to giggle, and you just smile and look back.’ I was like, ‘Okay, great.’ And I got paid like double the day-rate because the camera landed on me for longer than a second. So that’s nice. I’m on a show—literally something that people can see.”

But even his friends from home probably missed his scene in Larger Than Life, the elephant movie with Bill Murray and Matthew McConaughey. “I was an extra, running down the hallway at LAX,” says Hamm. “And I was kind of outside myself going, ‘This is very weird.’ Then I was an extra on the pilot of The Practice, watching Dylan McDermott deliver the closing speech. I was like, ‘That guy’s good.’ I want to do that. I wish I wasn’t just sitting here in the spectator box, falling asleep.”

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“Variety” — Talk to anyone who knows him, and they will all tell you one thing: Jon Hamm is not Don Draper.

Though he shot to fame as the tortured antihero at the center of AMC’s “Mad Men,” he gravitates to comic roles to show off his lighter side, stealing scenes in “Bridesmaids” and popping up on “Saturday Night Live.”

But the pressure of life in the spotlight may have taken its toll. In late February, he quietly checked himself into the Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for treatment of alcohol abuse. The news broke less than two weeks before the April 5 premiere of “Mad Men’s” final season, in the midst of promotional duties for the show. Hamm’s representatives issued this statement: “With the support of his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm recently completed treatment for his struggle with alcohol addiction. They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward.”

In an interview with Variety that took place in early February, Hamm referenced his drinking in a conversation that covered multiple topics, including the blurred lines between him and his famous character. “People ask, ‘What’s the difference between you and Don?’ Look, I drink, I get drunk. I’m not immune to that,” he says.

Embodying the character for eight years was a challenge, he admits. “Playing this guy does not come without its own difficulties,” he says. “It’s not fun to live in this guy’s headspace year after year. And (showrunner) Matt (Weiner) will tell you, the darkness in Don has not abated, it’s gotten worse year after year. It’s relentless. And it can be hard on you as a person. I love coming to work; I love the people I work with. But it’s been rough.”

He found it difficult to escape, at least professionally. After the first season, all the scripts he was offered began to look the same. “They were a guy in a hat, a guy with a cigarette, a guy in a suit, a hard-boiled detective — dark, brooding, alcoholic womanizers,” he says. “I do that eight months out of the year. That’s not all I can do.”

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“People” — For Jon Hamm, the best way to leave behind his Mad Men character’s shudder-worthy on-screen drama is to wash it off, literally.

“I’ve certainly had a lot of awkward moments as Don Draper,” Hamm, 44, tells PEOPLE. “There’s a lot of bad behavior. It’s not fun to play, and it’s probably not fun to watch.”

Shutting off his character’s issues “is not automatic, that’s for sure,” Hamm says, though he hasn’t directly commented on concerns that his recent struggle with alcohol abuse might have stemmed from playing the troubled ad exec for nine years.

So it makes sense that ditching Draper after a long day of filming might be tough. In fact, it requires a deep scrub and some not-so-old-fashioned chill time.

“It’s taking the suit off and taking the 5 lbs. of glop out of my hair and scrubbing my face – that kind of stuff is very therapeutic,” Hamm says.

“You put a sweatshirt on, and you’re like, ‘Ahh.’ You’re genuinely pretty tired. You want to go back to your life, sit on the couch and eat Pringles and watch The Daily Show.

So when you’re watching the show’s final season, grab yourself some chips and rock your sweats. You won’t be recovering from an “unrelenting” and “challenging” role, but you will be channeling off-duty Jon Hamm.

Mad Men’s final seven episodes begin Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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Hello everybody! First off, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eric and I am a new co-web here at Ray has kindly allowed me to help out with maintaining the website and I am very excited. I’ll be making some gallery updates in the coming days. So be sure to check those out. To start off, I figured I would upload some magazine scans. With “Mad Men” coming to a close, Jon has graced us with a couple magazine covers. I have uploaded 8 magazine scans from the March 2015 issue of “TV Guide” and Ray uploaded 12 magazine scans from the April 2015 issue of “GQ” magazine. I hope you guys enjoy and check back for more updates!

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Jon Hamm looks dapper as he attended the ‘Mad Men’ New York Special Screening in all smiles at The Museum of Modern Art on March 22, 2015 in New York City. The following day he joined his Mad Men co-stars at the Mad Men Art Installation Unveiling. 500+ photos have been added to our photo gallery.

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Below you can catch a glimpse of Jon Hamm and his co-stars on the Today Show on March 23, 2015. Added to our gallery are stills on the set as well as him arriving to the show!

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